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A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

This is an emotional thriller, or a reality check on love, life, and relationships in a narrative, story-like format.  Life is a journey we take.  Our thoughts, wants, desires, and preferences are different paths on this journey.  Each path gives us new feelings, views, and outcomes.

We want to belong, to love, and to be loved.  As we grow and search for that one and only we often forget who we are and what will or will not work for us.  By the time we open up our eyes and see what’s really in front of us, we are long gone from what we were looking for to begin with.  We find ourselves surrounded in a complicated grown-up world with no way to go back in time and undo what we have done, fix the choices we made, or take back the spoken words.  “You can’t fix a broken glass“.

That who has paid for love with tears and sorrow down to the very bottom of his or her heart and soul might wonder if love is worth the price paid.  On the flip side, that who has spent countless lonely nights with no one to share the life and all its wonders and challenges… the one who is in search of the soulmate, is willing to pay any price to fulfill the emptiness of the soul and satisfy the heart’s deepest desire.

But what if having that one and only doesn’t satisfy your deepest desire?  What if it seems that you have everything you ever wanted but deep down you know that what surrounds you is not where you wanted to end up?  Do you stay at the destination you have reached or do you start a new journey?

Is the price for love greater than the price for the lonely soul?  There are many things no one tells us about love, life, and relationships in general… until we find ourselves wishing that we could go back and change things.  What if the price of having the love you searched for is the same as the price of lonely soul?  To take it even deeper, what if your soul has found it’s second half, but your mind doesn’t agree with the thoughts, views, and interests of the found love.  Are you supposed to be happy that your soul is happy and content while you don’t see eye to eye with your one and only?  

A self-help book with real life and fictional situations.  The names and roles of the characters have been changed to have them remain anonymous and confidential.