Weekly e-Series

This is an emotional thriller or a reality check on love, life, and relationships in a narrative, story-like format.  It’s a journey we take.  Our thoughts, wants, desires, and preferences are different paths on this journey.  Each path gives us new feelings, views, and outcomes.

Is the price for love greater than the price for the lonely soul?  There are many things no one tells us about love, life, and relationships in general… until we find ourselves wishing that we could go back and change things.  Can the price of having the love you searched for be the same as the price of a lonely soul? 

To take it even deeper, what if your soul has found it’s soulmate, but your mind doesn’t agree with the thoughts, views, and interests, or even lifestyle of the found love?  Are you supposed to be happy that your soul’s desire is fulfilled while you don’t see eye to eye with your one and only?  … What will you choose? 

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